Making Room For You Assessment

Welcome to the Making Room For You Assessment!

Thank you for being here. This is a short, three question assessment. As a coach & consultant, I would love to be able to collaborate with you in designing a range of products and services to best address what you, as a female professional working in a stressful environment, want and need. I want to help women like you flourish, not just survive and get by, like I know many of us do, much of the time. I am passionate about making this world a better place, a place where future generations will flourish too. (See my website for more on this.)

I will not share your answers with anyone. (I am a lawyer as well as a coach and so I know how to keep things confidential.) I predict that you will benefit from even making time to answer these questions; all time for heart-felt reflection is well spent!

As a "thank you", I will send you a short information product that I have designed based on the results I received from all the participants.

Enjoy and thank you!

warmly, Milisa Burns

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